Our scholarships are available EXCLUSIVELY to graduation seniors and college students in our High School Vocal Arts Studio. The scholarships will be awarded annually, in the amount of $2,500.00. The scholarships will initially be awarded in the area of Voice, and will expand to Musical Instruments, Dance, and Theater and Dramatic Arts. These scholarships are renewable for up to four years.

Who Qualifies
The student must be a member of our High School Voice Studio.  The student must demonstrate a strong aptitude for music, theater or dance to be considered for a scholarship. An application for a Singing From The Soul Scholarship can be submitted if the student:
  1. Plans to seek a degree in music at college
  2. May need some financial aid to attend college
  3. Is in the top third percent of your class and have a good academic record
  4. Is enrolled in music, dance or theater classes in high school and maintained at least a "B" average in these classes
  5. Will be enrolled full-time in a four-year college or university in Spring, Summer or Fall, 2016
  6. Have or is involved as a volunteer in school, community, or other extracurricular activities
  7. Have actively participated in music, dance or theater productions at their high school.


Singing From The Soul, will from time to time, award scholarships to students who are not and did not participate in our High School Voice Studio.

These awards will be given on the basis of musical achievement and academic accomplishment. Voice Scholarships will be awarded for ability in musical performance to be judged on the basis of trials and interview. Awards will be also be based on: performance, sight reading and pitch retention:

The student will be required to sing two contrasting songs which display their talents. An accompanist will be provided. Taped accompaniments are acceptable.

Sight Reading
One or two very simple eight measure melodies will be given to the student at the audition for unaccompanied sight singing. The student will be required to demonstrate their ability to read music. The student will be given the first pitch, and will then be required to sing the melodies.

Pitch Retention
Repeat four and five note melodic patterns which will be played for the student on the piano.

Please contact us for deadlines and availability of these scholarships.