Adopt A Class
Adopt A Class harnesses’ the success of our High School Vocal Arts Studio to enrich the classroom experience and increase both teachers’ and students’ chances for continued success in the area of choral music.  By adopting an inner-city classroom, we form year-long partnerships and residency with a specific classroom to provide continuing and advance training and education in the vocal arts and choral music and activities.  One objective of Adopt a Class is that of preparing choirs in inner-city high schools prepare for local, state and national competitions.

Other activities of Adopt A Class include private coaching in solo voice, music appreciation, music field trips, choral activities and mentorship; other objectives includes but not limited to music theory and history, music appreciation, mentorship and choral activities.

Our Objective
Some other objectives of Adopt A Class includes but not limited to:
  • Assess the music education needs of the choir director
  • Advise on appropriate repertory for solo singers
  • Concurrent supplemental training for choir director of constructive training, for credit, through recognized accredited sources
  • Develop constructive, inclusive music activities for special needs students to enable students with disabilities to experience social, cognitive and cultural skills development through the arts
  • Private coaching in solo voice, Music theory and history, music appreciation, mentorship and choral activities
  • Vocal exercises, tailored specifically to address their vocal challenges


In the Spring semester 2007, we adopted Ms. Sharon Barron’s Freshman and Senior level choir classes at HISD’s Jeff Davis High School, under our Adopt A Class program.

During the 2008-2009 school year, we adopted Ms. Sharon Barron's choirs at Jefferson Davis High School and Ms. Laurie Amsler's choirs at Waltrip High School.  We plan to work with these two schools during the 2009-2010 school year, as well as other inner-city high schools.