Singing From The Soul's Mission

The Singing From The Soul Foundation (SFTS), a 501(c)(3), non-profit performing arts organization, was established exclusively in 2002, to provide formal training and scholarships to economically disadvantaged high school students and young adults of all backgrounds and diversities, for education and continuing studies in Classical Vocal Training, and Theater Arts. We serve the Greater Houston area.

We exist to encourage and to advance high school students and young adults’ studies in the Classical Arts by promoting its benefits to our society and culture.  We seek to bring our classical music program to our inner-city neighborhoods void of this cultural experience; by doing so, through our out-reach programs, we can likely produce benefits to our inner-city communities on a steady and gradual scale.

For the past 17 years, The Singing From The Soul Foundation (SFTS) has auditioned, selected and provided economically disadvantaged high school students a challenging Classical Voice Training and Development Program, through The High School Voice Studio.  The main objective of the Voice Studio is to allow these students to audition and enter our classical voice program, free of charge, receive classical voice training while creating solid vocal foundations, from which they can build upon for their intensive collegiate vocal and music curriculum.
"With A Song In My Heart"

The theme some for The Singing From The Soul  Foundation is "With A Song In My Heart" from the Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart's 1929 Musical, Spring Is Here.  Students selected for our Voice Studio are required to perform it as an ensemble at the finale of our two recitals.  A beautiful piano rendition of this song is played to open all our recitals and from time to time, this song may be sung individually by a member of the Voice Studio during the recitals.

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